Marandi condemns Govt’s decision to allow NTPC to run PTPS


    Jamshedpur : JVM president Babulal Marandi has condemned Jharkhand’s decision to allow National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) to run Patratu Thermal Power Station (PTPS), accusing the Centre of
    plundering the state’s resources and the Raghubar Das government in the state of helping it.

    Marandi asked why the state government hurriedly inked a memorandum of agreement (MoA) with NTPC last Sundaywhen Unit IX of PTPS was ready to generate 110MW of electricity.

    “As per the agreement, Jharkhand’s stake in the new joint venture project will be only 26 per cent. The remaining 74 per cent share will be NTPC’s, which had failed to execute the rural electrification work in the state.

    The Jharkhand government has tried to fool the masses by propagating that it is a cashless business,” he rued. Elaborating how it was not a cashless deal, Marandi said that PTPS had over 6,200 acre land, a huge dam and plenty of scrap, which had been handed over to NTPC free of cost.

    Further, power prices, too would be fixed by Central Electricity Regulatory Commission.

    “The current asset value of PTPS is over Rs 10,000 crore which has been given to the NTPC free of cost
    under Centre’s pressure,” he said.


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