Maoist carrying Rs. 25 lakh reward surrenders in Ranchi


    Ranchi, July 14: A Maoist commander carrying a Rs 25 lakh reward on his head surrendered before Jharkhand police chief D.K. Pandey on Thursday.

    The Maoist, Bada Vikas alias Baleshwar Oraon, 35, member of CPI (Maoist), was a special area committee member for Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. This is a big setback for CPI (Maoist) as it will make the origination very weak. Vikas surrendered with a .303 rifle.

    He was wanted in 37 cases in Latehar, 17 in Garwa and 22 in Chhattisgarh. Bada Vikas was an expert in making land mines, cane bomb in very short time and attack the police party and complete the target.

    After his surrender CPI (Maoist) group will face loss. Latehar played an important role in the surrender of Vikas.

    Jharkhand along with police of four states including Bihar, Odisha and Chhattisgarh were after the notorious Maoist known as the think tank of CPI (Maoists).

    After several top Maoists of the organization were murdered and arrested, Vikas dominated the group. Bada Vikas was also known as the right hand of Maoists leader Arvindji and after his surrender the naxal group strength will decrease. Bihar and Chhattisgarh police have put a bounty on Arvindji.

    After his surrender, Bada Vikas said, the current situation of the Maoists is not very good and they have become weaker. Several more Maoists will surrender in coming days as naxal groups have deviated from their principles. Jharkhand Police welcomed Bada Vikas in the main stream.

    DGP D.K. Pandey said Maoists instead of walking the path of destruction should choose the development path and appealed the Maosits who have gone astray should join the mainstream.

    “The Maoist surrender policy inspired him to surrender. It is a big achievement of the police,” DGP Pandey said.

    Under Maoist surrender policy the state government offers money, legal assistance, land, education for children and a better life to the reformed rebels. Maoist guerrillas active in 18 of the state’s 24 districts.


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