Mann Ki Baat made government realise people’s sensitivities: Modi


    New Delhi, Sep 24 (IANS)Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that his monthly radio programme “Mann Ki Baat” reflects people’s minds and expressions.

    Modi said the programme made “the government realize the sensitivities” of people and added that he kept it away from “political hues”.

    He said Mann Ki Baat had completed three years and this was the 36th episode. “It has provided me with a unique opportunity to connect with various feelings and positive energy of the country, expectations and at times, even grievances, which come to their minds.

    “When I say things in Mann Ki Baat, people from across the country send their ideas, experiences and feelings. I am probably not able to convey all these to you but still I get a treasure-full of ideas,” he added.

    Modi said a large number of these ideas about improving the functioning of the government.

    “There are personal grievances and complaints and sometimes attention is drawn to community problems. I just take half hour of your time in a month but people keep sending suggestions, ideas and other material to Mann Ki Baat during 30 days of the month,” said Modi.

    Remembering Acharya Vinoba Bhave, Modi said: “I have always remembered his one sentence. He always used to say ‘A-Sarkari, Asarkari’ (non-government is effective). I kept it away from political hues and tried to remain connected with a stable mind rather than being diverted by the heat of the moment or anguish.”

    Modi also said he believed and felt that after three years, social scientists, universities, research scholars and media experts would undertake its analysis and highlight its every aspect – both positive and negative.

    “I am sure that this brainstorming could be useful for Mann Ki Baat in future and will infuse new energy into it,” he added.


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