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Mango still under night curfew, rest areas back to life

Jamshedpur, July 25: The people of the city seemed quite calm & compassionate on the follow through of the curfew.

The curfew has been relaxed throughout the day giving the residents a sense of relief. People of Mango were also awarded with increased relaxation time from 5am in the morning to 9pm in the evening on Saturday against the previous call till 8 pm.

The curfew will stay in Mango, Ulidih, Azadnagar and MGM Police Station from 9 pm on Sunday night till 5 am on Monday morning this means a relaxation time of 16 hours.

“This is a Steel city, that’s why we’re here,” said Rahul Singh of Kadma who was planning a night out to celebrate a friend’s bachelor party.†

Though at several locations of Mango people were indulging with paramilitary forces when they came out on the streets fater the curfew was re-imposed in Mango. District police thrashed some of the commuters who were out for some or the other work.

Now people can think of early morning newspapers & milk. The market seemed normal and everything gradually getting back on its track.

The RAF and military could however not be seen in the city but scores of police personnel were spread across the city.

Several traffic police were also deployed to perform rigorous checks at all corners.

“What we saw over the past few days is not just the resiliency of our city, but also our communities coming together,” Md. Arshad, a rtesident of Mango said “We want to heal our city.” “It’s going to take a while for us to get totally back to normal, but I think lifting the curfew is a good ideaĒ, he added.

ďThe biggest thing is the citizens are safe, the city is stable,Ē Bistupur Resident Piyuesh Adesara said. ďWe hope the people of the city will maintain it that way.Ē As for the past few days that seemed like a military regime is soon fading away.

The city of Jamshedpur is rising again. One can hope to see the diverse population embracing harmony, Tuesday markets reprising, children back to schools, the menacing autowalas & many more that we missed during the curfew.

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