Man dies after bike-skid, kins stage protest


    Jamshedpur, Sep 14: In a tragic incident a 26-year-old man was killed after he was thrown away from his motor bike which skidded off the main road near Hotel Green at Ghoda Chowk in Jugsalai at 9.15 am on Saturday, September 14.

    The victim Mukesh Dubey sustained grave injuries in his head, legs and hands. Soon the people present at the chowk assembled and took Mukesh to TMH but he died on the way to hospital. The victim was not wearing helmet which proved fatal as he sustained multiple injuries on the head.

    Seeing the tragic death the family members and relatives after hearing about the incident rushed to the spot and started protesting and blocked the railway under bridge in demand for compensation. The blocked road and bridge caused traffic to slow down and with this the daily commuters were the most affected which led to 2 hours of jam. Victim’s kin alleged that he was killed after being hit by a four wheeler.

    Immediately police jumped into action and after inquiring the whole matter it was confirmed, some onlookers also informed the police that the boy died a natural death after his bike skidded off the main road, said a police officer. “It was rashly driven, thus the bike skidded off the main road,” said a police officer on Saturday.


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