Maharashtra Hitkari Mandal celebrates centenary year


    Jamshedpur, Oct. 25: Maharashtra Hitkari Mandal located in Bistupur is celebrating its 100 years of its existence. To celebrate the occasion, the members of the Maharashtra Hitkari Mandal added six air conditioned room in its premises to allow visitors avail an affordable stay in the city.

    Nitin Madan Kulkarni, Jharkhand Government, secretary, department of agriculture and sugarcane development, inaugurated the new facilities.

    The Maharashtra Hitkari Mandal has a glorious past. It started functioning in 1916 when people from various parts of Maharashtra mainly Mumbai migrated to Jamshedpur for employment at Tata Steel (then Tisco). In an endeavour to maintain culture and tradition, these people started the Maharashtra Hitkari Mandal. Prior to the establishment of the Mandal, the Maharashtrians in the city organized Ganesh Puja in 1913, which has already completed its 100 years in 2013. In 1980, the Maharashtra Hitkari Mandal started its canteen service to additional generate revenue.

    The present building of the Maharashtra Hitkari Mandal came up in 1950. The building had dormitories and some rooms. However, keeping in mind about many visitors, the committee decided to renovate some of its rooms to add provide better services to the visitors. The ground-breaking ceremony was completed about a year-and-a-half ago by Kulkarni himself. The new section of the building has been built at a cost of Rs 80 lakh.

    “A new chapter has been added to the glorious past. This new facility is a part of our centenary celebrations. It is not every day that a community organization completes 100 years, but we are proud that we have been able to achieve that. In fact, the Maharashtrian community is the second minority group in the steel city after the Zororashtrian community,” said Ravindra Sathaye, the vice-president of Maharashtra Hitkari Mandal.

    The members have tentatively decided to keep the tariff of the rooms around Rs 2000 (for double bed), including complimentary breakfast and dinner. “There was a dormitory and a couple of rooms that needed renovation and this led us to come up with the new rooms.

    Anybody who visits Jamshedpur and need a good accommodation in a place like Bistupur are welcome. It is not only restricted to the Mandal or for Maharashtrians,” Sathaye added.

    Maharashtra Hitkari Mandal was officially constituted in 1916. Before the organization was allotted an office on Q-Road, in 1920, the Ganesh puja was organised at the house of one or the other of its members. Later, the Mandal shifted to its current location on K-Road, where the puja is organised now.


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