Loyola School students visit NML to study R&D activities


    Jamshedpur, Nov. 23: A batch of 70 students of Std. X from Loyola School, Jamshedpur, accompanied by their teacher Rashmi Gondal, visited CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur, and interacted with the scientists and research fellows under the aegis of the School NML Interactive Programme.

    The programme was scheduled for four-and-half-a-hours, which included an overview of Indian science and technology, audio visual presentation, documentary film shows, visit to NML museum/archive and selective units of the laboratory. The students and teacher were thrilled to see the different experimental set-up, sophisticated equipments, calm and cleanliness of the work place.

    Dr. N. G. Goswami, chief scientist and coordinator of the programme, motivated the students by explaining the importance of learning science by citing lively examples related to day-to-day life and told them how science and technology can change one’s life, environment and society. Most of the students were of the view that visit to the laboratory gave them a brief idea of how one can plan and get prepared to take further course of study after they pass out the board examinations.

    A number of scientists of the organisation, including Dr. K L Sahoo, Dr. P N Mishra, Dr. A K Mohanty, Dr. S K Maity, Dr. V C vastava, Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Dr. Sarmishtha Sagar, Dr. R K Sahu, Dr. M K Jha, Dr. Arpita Ghosh, Dr. G K Mandal and Dr. Prabir Roy took part in the programme. Dr. P.N. Mishra took them around the laboratory.

    Sumaiya Khanam, a student said, “The presentation on Indian Science and Technology was very motivating. We were given to understand the entire functioning of CSIR and its sister laboratories working in areas including microbiology, genetic engineering, drug research, healthcare, mining, minerals and metals, aerospace, leather industry, agriculture and food, ecology and environment, rural development and nearly I believe everywhere in a very simple manner.”

    Anukriti Yamini a Std. X student said, “The interaction has helped me to understand science in a better way. I never realized earlier, science was so easy to understand, wonderful experience. ” Another student Sreyoshi Gope said, “What I loved the most is the way the things about science and future career prospect were explained. It was truly remarkable.

    Another student Antara Sahoo said, “What I loved the most is the way the science and its role in uplifting our society were explained. It was fantastic. I liked the melting experiments as demonstrated.” Anuska said, “Visit to the laboratory gave us a real picture that how science and technology works hand in hand for the benefit of the people. It became more attractive when the concepts are explained with examples and visual aids.”

    Nikhil Gaurav, another student said, “I came to know about many new things here like recovery of metals such as gold, copper from waste of mobile phone, computer, washing machine, etc. The bio-hydro-metallurgy lab attracted me the most.”

    Teacher Rashmi Gondal commented, “The programme was so good that we did not even realize how four hours ran away like just four minutes. CSIR-NML is really doing a wonderful service to the nation.”


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