Limited supply leads to power crisis in JUVNL areas


    Jamshedpur: Amidst rising mercury power crisis has added woes to the people living under Jharkhand UrjaVikas Nigam Limited ( JUVNL) areas in the city and its adjoining areas.

    The state power body says admitted that limited supply from the central load despatch has resulted in the crisis. This was the second such incident in the last one week which has hit residents and giving them sleepless nights.

    Areas like Mango, Adityapur, Parsudih, Chhotagovindpur and Jugsalaiare the worst hit due to limited supply at the power grid sub-stations at Gamharia and Karandih.

    The Adityapur industrial area in adjoining Seraikela-Kharsawandistrict also had to bear the brunt of the power crisis. Sources in industrial area said that several tiny, small and medium scale units could not operate due to the power crisis.

    The worst hits were industrial units at Adityapur and Gamharia, which are dependent on JUVNL. Most of the industries were unable to meet their schedules due to erratic power supply .

    Sources revealed that the power supply was also restricted from the Central Load Despatch ( CLD) in Ranchi. The power grid sub-stations at Gamharia and Golmuri, which caters to Singhbhum region was getting short supply from the CLD.
    The Gamharia and Golmuri grid substations have been receiving less supply than needed since yesterday, resulting in the crisis.

    According to JUVNL sources, the Golmuri substation had been getting around 20MW, against the normal 30-35MW while the substation at Gamharia, which supplies power to the adjoining Adityapur industrial area, was getting around 70-80MW, much less than the allotted 120MW.

    Notably, a couple of days back power supply in several command areasof JUVNLwent haywire following heavy rains. The situation is getting worse with each passing day. The years oldelectricity wires and poles are in abject condition with incident of power cuts being taking place frequently in summer,” informed, MaheshPatel, resident of Mango.


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