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Letter to Editor: ‘Sari’ is smart and sattvic. Why object to it?


In Indian dress, sari for women and sadara-lenga or dhotar for men are considered sattvic. Also in this the person looks very nice. Foreigners are also attracted to these costumes. So they wear it with great interest. The head of this sattvic attire is unmatched by any other attire. Many people wear this sattvic attire on the occasion of festivals, auspicious deeds etc. If you wear this dress on another day, there is nothing wrong with it. Also, the person who does this is not old-fashioned at all. For Jobs – Business many women wear Punjabi dresses due to the rush to travel to the place of business- jobs and the strenuous exercise that has to be done ahead of time.

The woman, who was wearing a sari, was denied entry to the Aquila restaurant at Ansal Plaza in Delhi. The woman was barred from entering the hotel, saying the sari was not a ‘smart dress’ when she was denied entry. This was followed by a new controversy. This can happen in India. This is evident from this. The restaurant, which operates without a ‘Health trade license’, was closed by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation on a notice. How about a smart dress with only suit-boot-tie (for men) and shirt-pants-coat (for women)? Saree is smart as well as sattvic. Standing in front of two differently dressed women will make the truth clear. Anyonel will say who looks good in which outfit? It is illogical to deny entry to a restaurant by wearing a sari. People go here to eat. So what has he got to do with the outfit?

The receptionists at the receptions of many five-star hotels in India are in sarees. They greets the Indian and foreign cricket team players who come to their hotel. What is special is that, they are in sarees at that time as usual. The pictures of which have been seen by everyone in the media. The dresscode does not apply to restaurants. That’s not the school to be. Why do you hate sattvic attire? This is what they should say. Also, those who object to the sari should accept the sari. In fact, society should force such people to do so. There is no reason to object to sattvic attire. But those who create controversy by objecting should be taught to respect the importance of the sari by forcing it to be studied.

 Jayesh Rane, Mumbai


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