Let spirit of learning not die for want of money: CM


    Ranchi, Sept. 2: Chief Minister Raghubar Das said that poor economic condition should not affect a childs education as his government was ever ready to help a studious child. Students will be skilled from standard IX.

    Some government schools with infrastructure and amenities like private schools will be run accordingly. From 15th November onwards, all students in government schools will sit on bench desk and libraries and labs will be provided for them, he said. “With our positive endeavours, we have to elevate the educational condition of the state to make it a precedent.’ He said it after facilitating intelligent students on the occasion of JAC Establishment Day.

    He said that after forming government, he prioritized education and made Higher Education Department. Apart from Amity University, four other universities will be opened in the state in the days to come. Moreover, many employment opportunities are being created. People won’t have to migrate for work. After completing MBBS, if a girl would like to open a hospital in her village, the government will help her. He appealed to parents to send their children to school.

    Warning the non-serious teachers, he said that the government will deal with them strictly. Despite paying handsome salary in government schools, the condition of education is not improving.

    Hiring unemployed youths on one’s behalf in schools will not work now as the government has directed the teachers to paste aadhar card photo copy in all government schools. He said that DES should monitor if the deputed teacher comes to school or sends somebody else on his/her behalf. People can also call on 181 to lodge a complaint.

    He said that the government has decided to impart moral education in schools so that the students can know about the culture and civilization of the state. 5 primitive dialects of Jharkhand are being included in primary education. The government will also arrange professional coaching courses for students.

    MoUs are being signed with companies for skilling students. Siemens company will establish ‘Center for Excellence’ in five divisions and district headquarters and PTC, two.

    Education Minister Neera Yadav, MLA Anant Ojha, Education Secretary Aradhana patmnayak, Secondary Education Director Manish Ranjan, JAC Chairman Arvind Pd. Singh and Deputy Chairman Phool Singh were present on this occasion.


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