Kumbkar committee today Pujnotsv


    Gamharia : Gmhria Kumbkar Committee held a meeting chaired by local horse Baba temple complex was Sriwas Kumar Pal.

    Wednesday January 15 Blramjiu Pujnotsv meeting it was decided to celebrate. On this occasion he Satyrnjan during Pujnotsv Geetapat morning by slaves and local children’s cultural program will
    be organized.

    To make the program successful is to appeal to all workers. At the meeting, Vice President Ashwini Das, secretary general entertainment beige, Rakhohri slave, Puarnchandra beige, beige eternal, Buddeshwar authentic, Sanjay Das, Ajay Das, KC Das, Gopal Pal, clear beige, Ajay
    Pal Sment many members were present.


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