KPS workshop promotes healthy eating among children


    Jamshedpur, Sept 18: The Pre-primary segment of Kerala Public School (KPS) Kadma took an initiative of inculcating healthy food habits amongst the children by organizing a workshop for the mother of L.K.G. children the workshop was conducted on 18th September by Mrs. Harmit Pal, the vice principal of the school.

    The gathering was welcomed by an address by the Principal of the school, Mrs. Sharmila Mukherjee. A power point presentation highlighting the ill effects of junk food and positive effects of nutritious food was shown to the parents.

    A quiz titled Nutrition for kid” was organized for the students wherein the mother’s got involved with full zeal and enthusiasm.

    An activity was also conducted where in the mother’s had to create their own healthy recipe showcasing the talent of cookery. K.P.S Kadma took a step forward by spreading awareness of health and hygiene by distributing sprouts to all the mother’s present in the workshop.

    The session was appreciated by the mother’s of L.K.G. children, they got many innovative ideas to decorate their child’s Tiffin taking into consideration its nutritional content.

    Also present at the event were Coordinator – Mrs. Almelu & Mrs. Shalini Sethi.


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