Kidzee Pearly Gates celebrates annual day


    Jamshedpur: Kidzee Pearly Gates , Jamshedpur organised its annual day. The well thought theme for the event was Grooming Myself for the World”.

    The event that was held at the Kidzee campus was based on the problems and issues that arise in the present era due to self-centred.

    A self-centred world where people are only bothered about oneself and individual development. People have become so much self-centred that they do not even care what others feel and how they affect the community at large.

    With this issue in mind Kidzee Pearly Gates showcased their toddlers with a grooming method that is not self-centred but is community centred. They presented that their kids are ready for a world in which they bring about a chance by participating in their social activities.

    About 250 student and 500 parents were present for the event. Each and every toddler was a part of the mega event cherishing awonderful time and an important learning.

    The attendees were impressed with the kid’s talents and concern shown for the society and the mother earth as a whole.


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