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Khadi can change villagers’ fortunes, claim Khadi Mela organizers

Ranchi, Feb 4: Addressing media persons at the Soochna Bhavan, N N Sinha, principal secretary, Rural Development Department, said that khadi should be promoted, as it can change the fortunes of the villages.

“Through skill development and khadi, we can turn our country into a financial power. We are happy that khadi is moving in that direction and Jharkhand is playing a leading role. In a short span of few years, Jharkhand has achieved a special place in the khadi sector,” Sinha said.

According to Sinha, this can be fathomed by the stupendous response generated by the yearly “Khadi Mela” for its grandiose and splendor from every part of the country. Now the time has come to provide international recognition.

Such a grand fair in the khadi sector has never been witnessed ever before, added Sinha. He said that Ranchi is proud to host such a grand fair, which has participation from all around.

The participation of the populace as well as the increasing popularity has compelled the state Rural Development Department to do something ‘extra’ special for the sector and the work in that direction has already commenced.

State Khadi Board chairman Jaynandu said that Rural Development Department played a crucial role in organizing this mela. The rising popularity of khadi has succeeded in bringing many departments right to the khadi fold. Khadi is progressing only due to the co-operation and joint effort, from the Centre to all the departments of the State. No particular person/organization can take full credit for it!

Jaynandu added that when the first “Khadi Mela” was organized in 2004 at Zila School grounds, everybody wondered how it was possible. Thereafter, when the venue was shifted to Morabadi Ground, people raised questions, but all of them were amazed to see the stupendous success.

The popularity has achieved such great heights that people from all over the country, who are involved in the khadi sector, keep enquiring about the next mela. The main reason is that the Ranchi “Khadi Mela” provides the perfect platform for their economic growth.

The Ranchi mela is special also for the fact that people from all walks of life including politicians, senior most members from Judiciary as well as elite class actively participate in making the mela a grand success. Jaynandu said that what could be happier as India’s first woman President came to inaugurate the mela. It was a moment of pride for not only Ranchi, but the entire State. The mela has become the pride of Ranchi and this fact cannot be overlooked by anyone.

This year’s mela will have an exclusive pavilion dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi. The pavilion would display photographs of the Mahatma from his childhood days till his tragic death. Many photographs will inspirational to the public. There will be a special vegetarian food stall aptly named ‘Shabri Bhojanalay’!

The mela would also have an exhibition showcasing the work of local artistes and artisans. The mela would also organize special training programs for the various artisans coming from nook and corner of the country.

Jaynandu said that during the entire tenure of the mela, there would be cultural programs in the evenings from 6PM onwards. These would include kavi sammelan (poet conference), stage plays, fashion show and other entertainment programs.

The cultural evening would be a star attraction. Jaynandu added that last year’s food stall did an overall business of Rs.50 lakh whereas all the other stalls did a combined business of Rs.7-8 crore. Last year approximately 3-4 lakh people visited the fair and the crowd is expected to swell this year too.
He profusely thanked the Information and Public Relations Department (IPRD) for its immense support and said that it has motivated him to work more freely.

NABARD representative Prabhakar Behra said that his organization has booked 20 stalls in the mela, keeping in view the immense popularity. He said that he has already received 30 applications and he is working out a way so that none is disappointed.

NABARD will stage ‘nukkad natak’ to showcase the various schemes and facilities offered by the state government.

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