Khadi Board chairman and member visit Pune beekeeping centre


    Jamshedpur/Ranchi: Jharkhand State Khadi Gramodyog Board chairman Sanjay Seth and member Kulwant Singh Bunty visited the Beekeeping Research and Training Centre in Pune on Saturday and learnt about the various techniques involved in the beekeeping business.

    Seth said the Jharkhand Khadi Gramodyog Board would run a training programme on beekeeping in the state to pave way for largescale production of honey. He said efforts would be made to set up a honey processing plant in Jharkhand and create self employment opportunities for the local residents. He said teams from Mumbai and Pune would soon visit the state. He said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also appealed for a sweet reolution in the country that would give jobs to thousands of rural people.


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