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JNAC supervisor goes missing leaving suicide note


Jamshedpur, Feb 4: A resident of Ramnagar under Kadma thana area, Sanjay Kumar is missing since Thursday and the family members are worried at the slip which is supposedly left by Sanjay Kumar before leaving the house and which informs that he is going to end his life and nobody should be held responsible for this step as he alone is responsible for taking his life.

The youth also states that he loves his wife and children. The youth used to work as a supervisor in the Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee.

After getting information Kadma thana officials tried to call on the youth’s mobile but it was switched off.

The relatives informed that everything was normal and Sanjay Kumar went to bed after having dinner and loved his parents and children and sought blessing from parents, informed wife about bank details and also loved his son and left house on Thursday morning and has not returned since then.

The relatives after noticing the paper slip started desperately to search for him and also informed the local thana.

His friends said that he was worried for the last few days. Police is investigating the case and is trying to take out the call details to trace the youth.


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