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JNAC seals illegal construction at Sonari

  1. Mail News Service
  2. Jamshedpur, July 26: The JNAC Special Officer ordered the sealing of an under construction building in Sonari B. Block behind Gudri Bazaar. The plan for the building under construction on plot # 1301, was not presented to JNAC for approval. The notice was served on Ram Kumar and others.
  1. The building comprises ground + four floors. On an earlier occasion too, orders had been served by JNAC to suspend construction work of the building and the owner had been directed to tender a reply at the Notified Area Committee office. Ignoring the orders, the construction work continued resulting in JNAC Special Officer sending a team of the flying squad to seal the building. The owners have been ordered to dismantle the building. Members of the flying squad including Krishna Ram, Dilip Barik and Ganesh sealed the building and handed the notice directing the owners to dismantle the building under construction.


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