JMM protests against amendment of land acts, Shibu calls for tribal unity


    Jamshedpur: As the State celebrated its foundation day on Tuesday, senior JMM leader and former CM Shibhu Soren called upon the tribals to fight against State government’s move to amend two land acts – Chotanagpur Tenancy (CNT) Act and Santhal Pargana Tenancy (SPT) Act. He was addressing a massive Jan Akrosh rally organised by the JMM at Gopal Maidan.

    Soren said, “The State Government is conspiring to grab lands of innocent tribals and hand it over to big industrial houses. Any amendment in the CNT and SPT laws will not be acceptable. Both land Acts are the essence of the tribal and indigenous people of the state.”

    Soren went on to add that Jharkhand was carved out of Bihar in November 2000 to safeguard the interests of tribals. The people belonging to the backward castes are reeling under penury. It is surprising that the government has not taken adequate steps to protect them,” he said.

    Soren alleged that parties like BJP are not concerned about the welfare of the masses, especially the poor. “The move to amend the CNT Act shows the leaders of Jharkhand are not sincere towards the cause of the two major communities adivasis and moolvasis,” he said.

    The former CM said that all political parties have ditched the adivasis. It is high time for the people to unite and show them that they could not be fooled any more.

    At the rally the JMM, demanded that the Government should not take any steps to amend tribal acts and that steps should be taken to stop blind industrialization.

    The party also demanded that the tribal youths should be given loan up to 2 crores.

    Addressing the gathering, former CM Hemant Soren took a dig on the demonetization move by the Centre Government. He said that it is the same Government that promoted people like Lalit Modi and Vijay Mallya and now when they have fled from the country, innocent people are being targeted in the name of demonetization. He said that the poor people are suffering in the hands of the Government.

    Among those present during the event included Stephen Marandi, Champai Soren, Joba Majhi, Deepak Birua, Savita Mahato, Sumanta Mahato, Rorya Soren, Babulal Soren, Pramod Lal and Mahavir Karmakar.

    Hundreds of Adivasis attended the rally organized by the JMM at Gopal Maidan. They came here from different districts of Jharkhand. A sizeable number of people came from Kolhan.


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