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JMM block gates of three Tata Group companies in Jamshedpur, protest shifting of headquarters to Mumbai, not giving job to locals


Jamshedpur, Nov 17: Ruling  Jharkhand Mukti Morcha MLAs and activists on Wednesday blocked the gates of three Tata Group companies, Tata Steel, Tata Motors and Tata Cummins as part of the pre-announced agitation demanding Tata Cummins’s headquarters to Jamshedpur.

The JMM leaders also demanded reservation of employment of 75 percent for local candidates in companies as per the policy of the government.

The party workers blocked gates of Tata Group in other parts of Kolhan commissioner too. The blockade started from  10 am and continued till midnight.

Party workers arrived with drums and traditional musical instruments at the company gate and sat on dharna. Women activists also participated in the agitation.

In the afternoon, khichdi was arranged for the people involved in the protest demonstration. The workers gave information about making khichdi for 20 thousand people.

The biggest displeasure of JMM MLAs is that all the three companies are operating in Jamshedpur but their headquarter is in Maharashtra. This headquarters itself decides on the future of all the employees, their grade revision bonus and other matters.

At the same time, the police-administration is also very cautious about the demonstration. To ensure that there is no law and order breakdown, police force were  deployed at Company Gate and its adjoining area.

 The police force of QRT (Quick Response Team) was also on the spot. The company management was also very worried about the security. The senior police officers had also held a meeting with the police officials late on Tuesday night to prepare for the security arrangements.

Potka MLA Sanjeev Sardar says that the three companies are adopting arbitrary attitude.

“Tata Steel took the land of the raiyats and tribals on the condition so that they and their children could have a bright future and have employment. However with the shifting of headquarters to Maharashtra, where the future of the employees working in all companies is decided, while Jharkhand is giving them coal, water, electricity, land, that’s why we demand that the headquarters of all companies should be brought to Jharkhand so that the state can get revenue for its development,” said Sanjeev Sardar.

He also warned that if demands are not accepted, then they will block Tata Steel and all its group companies across Jharkhand.

JMM Jugsalai MLA Mangal Kalindi said that under the leadership of Chief Minister Hemant Soren in Jharkhand, as soon as a policy is made regarding the compulsion of keeping 75 percent local people in companies, the Tata Group company started the exercise of shifting the headquarters of Tata Motors and Tata Cummins Company to Maharashtra.

The MLA said that by doing this, Tata is trying to break the policy of providing 75 percent employment to the locals implemented in Jharkhand.

“The company will argue that as their headquarter is in Maharashtra, so the rules of Maharashtra will apply to this company. We will not let this happen. Tata is identified from Jamshedpur. The people here have watered this company with sweat. In such a situation, the company will not be allowed to evade its responsibility,” said Kalindi.

Mohan Karmakar, central general secretary of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, says that all the companies, including Tata Steel, were given land on the condition that they would provide civic facilities to the citizens here. But the civilian facility of companies has remained confined to the company command area only.

JMM central secretary Astik Mahto said  that Tata Group has created more than 100 companies from Tata Steel itself, but Jharkhand is still deprived of development.

“Jharkhand till date has never hindered the company owners in the operation of the company, but now the company officials are ignoring local people’s demands, so we cannot sit as a mute spectator in the public interest and we need to come forward and agitate,” said Mahato.

BJP’s district general secretary Anil Modi has termed the Tata Company Gate Jam of  JMM and the rhetoric against Tata Steel by Health Minister Banna Gupta as pure drama. Modi said that this is probably happening for the first time in the history of Jharkhand that the ruling party is officially agitating against the biggest company of its state. This is a ridiculous situation. He said that on one hand Hemant Soren is going to Delhi to do business meeting to attract investors, while his party is jamming the gate against the country’s famous company. What could be a bigger contradiction than this? He said that the migration of industries is a result of the flaws in the system. The Chief Minister should focus more on improving the system and good governance, not jamming the company gate. He said that on the same lines, the constituents of the government would Congress Health Minister Banna Gupta is also making fierce rhetoric against the company. This rhetoric is not being embraced by the innocent people of Jharkhand.


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