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Jharkhand Government declares Chhath holidays on Nov 20-21


Jamshedpur : State Government has declared Chhath holidays on November 20 and 21, which falls on Friday and Saturday. The central government offices have a holiday on Saturday, while this time the Jharkhand government has also declared 20 and 21 as a holiday. They will get an opportunity to spend three consecutive days off.
On the other hand, banks, insurance and post office have been given only one day’s leave, so they will have to do duty on Saturday. The bank has a holiday on the second and fourth Saturdays, but this time on November 21, the third Saturday is falling. Therefore, they will not be able to get three consecutive days off, but because of the weekend, the workload will be more.
On Saturdays also, customers get service from 10 to 4 pm at the bank, insurance and post office. In private establishments where there is a holiday on Sunday, they will also be able to leave on 20 November. Private employees will also be deprived of three consecutive days of leave.

School-colleges will also remain closed

Although schools are already closed for students, but teachers and non-teaching staff have to attend daily. In Chhath, such employees of schools will get three consecutive days off. As far as colleges are concerned, there is a holiday from the day of Dhanteras. In view of the festival, teachers and non-teaching staff in the college have been discharged till 25 November. Because of this, the teachers who were taking online classes in schools will also be closed for three days.


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