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Jamshedpur’s Shashank new Parliament building project coordinator

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Jamshedpur, May 28: India’s new Parliament building was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, May 28. The construction of the impressive structure was completed by Tata Project Limited, with Shashank Raj, an alumnus of Rajendra Vidyalaya in Jamshedpur, serving as the project coordinator. Shashank, a resident of Adityapur, played a vital role in coordinating between the government, ministers, and his company throughout the project.

Reflecting on his experience, Shashank, a young engineer from the city, shared that he dedicated countless hours to the project, having been involved in its construction work right from the beginning. The new parliament building boasts an entirely indigenous design and construction. Handmade carpets were laid, while the principles of environmental protection were fully considered during the construction process.

Notably, a court room (open area) was incorporated into the new building to serve as a resting space for Members of Parliament. In a testament to environmental preservation, seven large trees that were present on the site were carefully preserved by Tata instead of being cut down. Shashank also revealed that the new Parliament House features the installation of the national symbol, the Ashoka Pillar, which is visible from a considerable distance.

One remarkable feature of the building is a pendulum located just below the Ashoka Pillar. Remarkably, this pendulum operates solely based on the rotation of the Earth and does not rely on any machine or battery. As the Earth rotates on its axis, the pendulum indicates the passing time. Shashank highlighted the technical advancements of this large and sophisticated pendulum.

Expressing his pride, Shashank stated that the achievements of the new parliament building are a matter of great honor for the people of Jamshedpur. Notably, the reinforcement bars used in the construction were manufactured by Tata Steel. Having been associated with the project for nearly two and a half years, Shashank firmly believes that this building is a source of immense pride for India. He considers it a historic structure, one that will evoke a sense of pride among Indians as they become aware of its notable features and accomplishments.


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