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Jamshedpur’s Nageshwar Rao among world’s top 16 Karatekas

Every Karateka must visit Okinawa once:  L Nageshwar Rao

2nd Okinawa Karate World Tournament

Jamshedpur, Aug 17:  Tata Steel Sports Wing’s L Nageshwar Rao performed exceptionally well in the 2nd Okinawa Karate World Tournament held in Okinawa, Japan and was placed among top 16 karatekas in the tournament.

The Steel City Karate coach was one among the 16 sports persons from India who participated in the championship organised by Okinawa Prefectural Government, Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports from 1 to 7 August in Karate Kaikan Indoor Stadium, Izumizaki, Naha, Okinawa.

Nageshwar Rao returned to Jamshedpur on August 16 after a successful tour.

He informed that masters of the game from all over the world participated in this prestigious world event and it was my best performance in the world tournament.

“In this tournament karatekas and world level karate masters participated and only Kata competition and Martial Arts Kubudo (Okinawa Traditinal Martial Arts) were allowed. I was astonished to see 20 years youngsters as well as 90 years old participating in the tournament,” said Chief Coach at Tata Steel Karate Training Centre.  

Rao who is also the General Secretary of Jharkhand State Karate Do Association stated that karate certificate from Okinawa is most recognized and karatekas from all over world strive to undergo training in Okinawa.

During his stay in Okinawa, Japan Shihan Nageshwar Rao underwent Karate Training under Top 10 Karate Masters and learned the minute techniques of Karate and was honoured with certificate.

Apart from this, Rao also visited the grave yard of Founder Master Chugun Miyagi, Founder of Gojy Ryu Style from 1888 in Okinawa. He prayed and paid his respect to the late legend master and performed Sanchin Kata there. “I felt peace during the visit to grave yard of such legendary master,” said Rao adding that he also met Grand Masters of Goju Ryu.

Vice President of Karate Association of India, Nageshwar Rao further said that in Okinawa minute to minute things of Karate is taught and the students have to master them so that they can utilize the same techniques and excel in the field.

“I think every karateka must visit Okinawa and learn the technique of Karate which will help them to prosper in the Karate field,” Rao signed off.  

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