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Jamshedpur’s Little Miss Muffet pens big thoughts in ‘To Be Human’


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Jamshedpur, Jan 2: Call her impish or Tomboyish but beneath her prankish behaviour is a deep layer that observes, edits and retains in her album of experiences to be enunciated through her doodles, paintings, musings and may be, to be emulated or subtracted as she moves on in life. The 21 year old Anushree Bhargava’s maiden book, ‘To Be Human’ was released worldwide by internationally branded publishing house, Notion Press of Mumbai on Friday, January 1, 2021. It was a virtual launch and a single day’s response has been overwhelming by all professional standards. The hard copy edition is priced at Rs 375 while the e-book is available on Flipkart @ Rs 180 for the Indian edition.

Anushree, for the sake of brevity, Anu, is a natural expressionist as it seemed while going over her scrap books and other written and doodled bric-a-brac during a casual chat with her. However, during the conversation, one had a feeling of initial discomfort for in spite of the amiable atmosphere of talking to a ‘growing up child’ one sensed a pair of probing eyes in quest of learning what lay behind the mind.

Anushree Bhargava attributes her mediums of expression to her parents, actor-director of stage and screen ventures Shatrughan and teacher Mahasweta Singh and to her elder sibling and ace cinematographer Adikesh who combined to create an atmosphere where she was free to pursue her wide field subject to studies along with her natural bent of mind. “My journey commenced with doodles at the back of copybooks and scraps of paper. Then I started drawing but never copied from paintings. I also jotted down my feelings and observations not in the form of a diary but just recorded musings. Well, that is how it all started and this first attempt, ‘To Be Human’ is a reflection of my journey from then to now,” observed Anu in a matter of fact tone.

‘Little Miss Muffet’ as the author prefers to call this young girl because of her beguiling, sometimes childish attitude (a misnomer perhaps) had her initial schooling at Telco’s Vidya Bharati Chinmaya Vidyalay and then did her classes 10 to 12 from DBMS. Assessing her natural bent, Shatrughan and Mahasweta sent her to the hallowed halls of Clara’s College of Commerce where she is in her third and final year course in Bachelor of Mass Media.

When asked about her first book launch worldwide, one caught that rare touch of pensiveness when she averred, “I feel that the journey in self exploration has just been initiated. This launch is the booster I needed to welcome people into my multihued universe of possibilities while still continuing to create.”

Anu immediately attributes her creative journey to her dearest parents and elder brother for opening the doors for her to a much bigger universe. “My inspirations, besides these three darlings are surreal artist Salvador Dali and my late friend Khushwant Rana to whom I have dedicated this book.”

The theme, as it was spilled right from the horse’s mouth is, “’To Be Human’ is a combination of art and literature. It is my feelings built on inner experience that I have shared in this book. I have attempted to make readers realize who they really are and their potentials amidst constraints. Break free of these constraints, move out and express. Yep, that is it in a nutshell.”

She searched the net for a publisher who would be willing to provide that vital shot in the arm for a new-bee. She came across the famous Notion Press who were only too glad to publish her creative effort. The rest has become the making of history. On being asked about her advise to other eager expressionists in her genre, Anu says, “Learn your skills, practice regularly, trust your instincts and always be open to possibilities while you create.”

As a parting shot, Anu, amidst a wide, deceptively childish grin stated, “While continuing to jot and paint, I have a strong desire to direct a movie, short or feature themed on good content.”

The little Miss Muffet is well on her way into the unending universe of knowledge and possibilities. A read and feel of her way of ‘being human’ is just the tip of the creative iceberg. The blue waters are fathomless. The success is on covering this depth. One wishes this creative bomb ‘Bon Voyage.’


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