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Jamshedpur’s Jugsalai Primary Health Center to get first bike ambulance


Jamshedpur: The first set of much-awaited bike ambulances – the first of its kind—is ready for services shortly in the city. The bike ambulances will be equipped with a first-aid box. By the time the ambulance reaches the accident spot or rural areas, many times, it’s too late. Bike ambulances will prove to be helpful in these situations.

The bike is designed to carry a patient comfortably, the bike-ambulance has a bed properly covered and fitted with even an ambulance siren. Its most significant feature is it can move into narrow and dingy roads through which a regular ambulance cannot enter.

The bike ambulances will be introduced to provide easy availability of health care services to people living in the inaccessible areas of the district. A government spokesperson informed that bikes could easily pass through small rivers-drains and bumpy roads.

As per the plans the three government-run health hubs will introduce bike-ambulance in the steel city shortly.

The bike-ambulance is meant for carrying patients from interior places. The three bike-ambulances were provided to the district health department by the then Jamshedpur West’s legislator Saryu Roy in the year 2018.

These ambulances were never utilised and instead gathered dust at the district civil surgeon office premises. However, Roy wrote a letter to the civil surgeon recently.

After receiving Roy’s letter on Thursday, the civil surgeon AK Lal prompted to make the bike-ambulances ready and is considering sending which of the health hubs.

“We had got three bike-ambulances from MLA funded by the then the Jamshedpur West legislator Saryu Roy. These vehicles were to get operational under National Urban Health Mission. As there was shortage of manpower, these vehicles lay unutilised. But now we have decided to put them into use at the earliest, ” said the district civil surgeon.

Lal admitted that they prompted the use of the bike-ambulances after getting a reminder letter from the legislator recently and have decided to hand one of the vehicles to the Jugsalai Primary Health Center.

“We are looking into the options for using the remaining two bike-ambulances to other health hubs soon, ” said the civil surgeon. He said that these motorbike ambulances will be beneficial for the pregnant mothers in labour as this service helps the expectant mothers in remote villages reach district hospital/health centres for institutional delivery. Besides, infants and mothers are brought back to home safely in these vehicles. In addition, bike ambulances are also used for regular health check-ups of pregnant mothers, vaccination of children and treatment.


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