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Jamshedpur Women’s University organizes special lecture on personality development


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Jamshedpur, Dec 20: Jamshedpur Women’s University (JWU) organized ‘Uday’, a special lecture session on personality development for the benefit of its students and teachers here on Tuesday. The session was organized in collaboration with Prajapita Brahma Kumaris.

Addressing the gathering, noted speaker BK Piyush, Director and Zonal Coordinator of Brahma Kumaris, said the students should keep their hearts and minds pure and always carry smile on teir faces. Remaining stress-free would lead to success in every field, he said, adding further that a healthy lifestyle was essential for everyone. Going to bed early and rising early would lead to healthy body and health mind, he said.

Piyush said meditation was important for stability and purity of thoughts. He said character is the real beauty of every individual and advised everyone to limit the use of mobile phones.

The programme was conducted by Dr D Pushplata of Home Science Department.

Dr Rama Subramanyam, Head of Department, Home Science Department, and Examination Controller, JWU, gave the welcome speech and stressed on self management and self control.

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