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Jamshedpur: With cases of snatching on the rise police to illuminate Dobo-Kanderbera Road


Jamshedpur: In an initiative to provide safety to commuters, Chandil police has decided to illuminate Dobo-Kanderbera Road in adjoining Seraikela-Kharsawan district which connects Chandil with Jamshedpur through the Domuhani bridge in Sonari. 
The Chandil police’s initiative assumes significance as the seven-Kms-long remains dark in absence of any street lamp, giving rise to crime like snatching, loot and even murder. 
The police had to take the step to get the important road illuminated as the road construction department ((RCD) which has set up the road has not any plan to set up street lamp system there. 
The police have decided to approach house owners settled on either side of the Dobo-Kanderbera Road to install lamps on their rooftops. 
“Although the Dono-Kanderbera Road has become important after the Domuhani bridge was set up two years ago, it is getting increasingly crime-prone. We have, therefore, decided to get the road illuminated with the cooperation of the local residents, ” said Sanoj Kumar, OC, Chandil thana.
He said they have decided to approach the house owners on either side of the road to fix a lamp on their rooftops. 
Kumar pointed out they will try to install poles for the lamp-post along the stretch where is no house. He said for fixing the poles and drawing power line for the lamp-post also they will take the help of the local residents. 
The OC, when queried, said they are taking such initiative as there is no proposal to provide the street lamp facility by the RCD on the said road. 
As thee Dobo-Kanderbera Road provide short-cut route to Ranchi through Chandil more and more people are using the road during the day as well as night. During the night commuters have to risk their lives while passing through the dark road and sometimes fall victim to crime like loot and snatching. 


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