Home Administration Jamshedpur: Water meters to be installed in 25 thousand Mango homes

Jamshedpur: Water meters to be installed in 25 thousand Mango homes


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Jamshedpur, Oct 27:  Water meters will be installed in all houses having supply water facility in Mango. Water supply consumers will be charged Rs 1,300 per connection. The charges include plumber’s charge of Rs 1,150 and meter cost Rs 150. The water charges payable to the Mango Municipal Corporation (MMC) will be @ Rs 9 per 1,000 liters.

Out of 26 thousand residences with MMC water supply under new and old supply schemes, water meters have been installed in one thousand homes. The remaining 25 thousand homes will have meters installed buy the year end.

The Urban Development Department had implemented new rules for water connections last month. According to the new rules, the new connection fee (for a house of 1000 sq ft) has been increased from Rs 6000 to Rs 7000.

New connection charges include, Rs 7 thousand for houses with 1000 sq ft carpet area, Rs 14,000 for  houses of 2000 sq ft and Rs 21,000 for  houses with larger carpet areas. BPL families will also get 5 thousand liters of water free every month along with free connections. Under the new rules, holding number is no longer necessary for a new water connection.

 People will have to provide Aadhaar card and electricity bill receipts along with the applications. An MMC team will visit the homes of applicants and install the water meters. Deepak Sahay, MMC Executive Officer said that water meters will be installed in all the houses to prevent wastage of water supplied in Mango.


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