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Jamshedpur Traffic Police drive against misuse of VIP stickers


Jamshedpur, July 23: The Traffic Police on Friday launched a crackdown on the offenders using Police, Army or VIP stickers in an unauthorised way.

Generally, the police do not check vehicles with stickers of the Army, Press, Police or VIP. The misuse of these stickers has become rampant. People had pasted these stickers unauthorisedly to avoid police action.

During the drive at Sakchi and Bistupur, the Traffic Police removed a number of such stickers from the vehicles. “The persons driving these vehicles could not produce any documents authorizing use of these stickers and failed to explain the reasons to traffic cops, which were headed by traffic DSP Babban Singh.

He said the drive would continue and those found involved in plying vehicles with these stickers unauthorisedly would be taken to task.

During the drive, Traffic Police Challaned a number of persons with Police, Army, VIP and Press stickers on their vehicles.

An official said the Press stickers were issued to journalists only so that they could access those areas, which were barred to common man as part of their duty. However, a number of persons were found using these stickers unauthorised and this practice should be dealt with strictly.

“During the past we found few drivers without identity documents and have received complaints of vehicles using these stickers involved in rash and negligent driving,” said he and added that this drive would be held regularly to check violations.

Rise in crime has prompted the Jamshedpur administration to step up security measures. The police are cracking down on vehicles with tinted glasses and penalizing owners.

Many people in the city use tinted glasses in their vehicles and SUVs without dark glasses are rare here. “Those who buy SUVs are generally well-connected people and thus we avoid checking them. In many cases, the owner of a vehicle uses the flag of a certain political party to avoid the cops,” said a policeman, who did not wish to be named.

 “We have received instructions and all traffic posts have been alerted. Cops at points in the city where there are no posts have also been asked to keep vigil,” said an officer.


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