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Jamshedpur traders meet Saryu Roy


Jamshedpur, May 8: President of Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce and Industries Ashok Bhalotia met Jamshedpur East MLA Saryu Roy and apprised about the work done by the trader’s outfit in fight against Covid especially in terms of addressing oxygen crisis. 
Saryu Roy said that the infrastructure and human resources set up to tackle Covid should be used properly and also the other departments of the government should also work properly. Due to Covid industrial units have given up their oxygen cylinders for medical use and this is affecting their production. The government has stopped supply of gas to the industries which has led to closure of industries. There should be an analysis of how much requirement is of medical oxygen and industrial oxygen through an oxygen audit. 
Saryu Roy informed that he had talked in this connection to the chief secretary Sukhdev Singh who informed that oxygen distribution and production has been completely taken up by Central government. Jharkhand government also had to distribute 130 ton of oxygen though it a oxygen surplus state. 


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