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Jamshedpur: Three goons collecting extortion money released by Sakchi police


BJM submits memorandum to SSP demanding investigation and action

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Jamshedpur, Jan 18: During a surprise inspection by MLA Saryu Roy at the parking lot vegetable market opposite the Basant Cinema in Sakchi on Monday, three suspected extortionists were caught red-handed and turned over to the Sakchi police. However, the three extortionists were set free by the police. A delegation of district BJM on Tuesday protested against the release of the three criminal elements caught in the vegetable market at the Sakchi parking stand being let off by the police without any punitive action. The BJM delegation handed a memorandum of protest to the SSP against the Sakchi police for inaction against the three criminal elements and demanded investigation and relevant action for the deliberate faux pass by the Sakchi police.

 Bharatiya Jantantra Morcha (BJM) demanded from the SSP that strictest action be taken against all those involved in the games of corruption and the matters be investigated under what circumstances and under whose pressure were the three suspects released by the Sakchi police station OC. BJM leaders stated that in the presence of MLA Saryu Roy at the vegetable market in the Sakchi parking lot on Monday morning, they had caught three criminal elements red-handed while they were collecting extortion money from poor farmers and handed over to the Sakchi police.

MLA Saryu Roy had also informed City SP Subhash Chandra Jat and JNAC Special Officer Krishna Kumar about the illegal activities going on in the Sakchi temporary vegetable market and demanded appropriate action against the perpetrators of such crime. After the incident on Monday, the JNAC Special Officer summoned the parking contractor show caused him for the illegal activity of collecting extortion money.   The BJM officials also informed that all related documents were made available to Sakchi police station on Monday but the irony was that on Monday evening, the Sakchi police released the goons perhaps under external pressure without taking any action.

 According to BJM leaders, during the COVID period, the vegetable vendors had been allowed to set up shops at the Sakchi parking lot under orders of the district administration. It had become a routine activity of goons since then to collect extortion money @ between Rs 50 and Rs 100 per day from farmers who brought their cultivated yields for their livelihood. On receipt of this information and in the presence of Jamshedpur East MLA Saryu Roy, a delegation of BJM district officials conducted a surprise inspection in the vegetable market and three persons were apprehended red handed while collecting extortion money. They were identified by the market shopkeepers and vegetable vendors and recorded their video statement against the three goons. BJM District President Subodh Srivastav said, “This act of Sakchi police will boost the morale of the criminals and it will become difficult to curb such criminal activity that is being nurtured in every nook and corner of the city.”

The BJM delegation included Mahila Morcha President Manju Singh, Vice President Vandana Namta, District Secretary Rajesh Jha, Treasurer Dharmendra Prasad, Jamshedpur Mandal Spokesperson Akash Shah, Scheduled Tribe Morcha President Prakash Koya, Shambhu Singh and others.


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