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Jamshedpur Tarapore School’s mode to celebrate national, international festivals


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Jamshedpur, April 28: The idea to impart education beyond the books and stimulate a process of creating global citizens through celebrations of national and international festivals throughout the year is a happening that may initiate other educational institutions to take a cue from Tarapore School that has initiated this move.

The first celebration of this multi-cultural calendar was that of the Festival Songkran that is derived from Sanskrit and means ‘to move or step forward’ and it is the New Year in Thailand.

Tarapore School’s kindergarten class celebrated Songkran with zest and fervor. The Thais celebrate Songkran that embraces goodwill, love, compassion and gratitude using water as a medium of expression. The programme commenced with the kindergarten students sprinkling water on the idol of Lord Buddha and followed up with a prayer to symbolize a clean and spiritual start. The children washed the hands of the School’s support staff and took their blessings as a symbol of equality and respect.

To make the students get into the festive mood, they were presented water pistols that they used joyously creating an aura of happiness in the entire Tarapore School campus. Fun and learning joined hands to provide an ecstatic mood among the kids.

Students of standards I and II were as excited as the others while celebrating one of Jharkhand’s prime festivals, Sarhul. Being natural nature lovers and worshippers, the Adivasi communities celebrate Sarhul by worshipping the Sal tree. The children learned the history, rituals and festivities that the celebration of Sarhul imbibes. The students commenced the Sarhul rituals with a prayer to the Sal tree reflecting the attachment of the Santals to nature. While attired in traditional dress, they performed the prayer rituals and the dances that are performed while celebrating Sarhul Utsav. The dances were taught by the teachers.

More than the festive spirit, the students learnt of the importance of nature in all life forms. The dances too, which were traditionally boisterous and depicting the love for Mother Nature for all the bounties she had provided, was a page out of tribal culture. The native tribes dance together to celebrate the simplicity and beauty of nature and that is exactly what the Tarapore School students of Standards I and II did – they celebrated Sarhul in the spirit of Jharkhand tribals.


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