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Jamshedpur Tagore Society launches School of Arts branch in Parsudih

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Jamshedpur, August 1: The famed Tagore Society of Jamshedpur with a reputation of being the leading institution for propagating literary and cultural pursuits launched a branch of the Tagore School of Arts at Pramathanagar in Parsudih on Monday, August 1. The Parsudih branch of Tagore School of Arts was jointly inaugurated by Tagore Society President Dr HS Paul and prominent painter, LI Singh.

Earlier, welcome song on the occasion was rendered in chorus by teachers and students of the parent body of Tagore School of Arts. The General Secretary of Tagore Society, Ashish Choudhury in his address, while congratulating and extending his best wishes for the new branch, observed, “We hope that the new branch of the Tagore School of Arts will live up to the expectation of the People of Parsudih and nearby localities. The citizens of Parsudih are strong advocates of art and cultural pursuits and they will certainly spread the glow of Rabindranath Tagore’s creations with the pen and brush. Tagore Society has been propagating the traditions set by the rich cultural heritage through four decades by organizing seminars, literary discussions, music and painting camps and competitions, musical soirees by renowned artistes of Jamshedpur and other places, presentations of dance dramas and plays composed by the Bard Rabindranath and exciting discussions on the philosophical touch to his creations as reflected in his myriad writings and paintings. The activities of the Tagore Society through the Tagore School of Arts are the stepping stones for the new generation to understand Rabindranath and take interest in his creative genius. The new Pramathanagar branch in Parsudih will, we are sure, be another stepping stone towards preservation and propagation of furthering the cause of our cultural heritage.” General Secretary of Bharat Sevashram Sangh, Ajit Maharaj was present during the inaugural function. Officials and executive members of the Tagore Society who were present during the function included Arup Dandpat, Subroto Ghosh, Dipanchal Chakraborty, Jaydev Ghosh, Bani Prasad Mukherjee, Probal Tarafdar and others.

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