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Jamshedpur: Swindled man concocts story of cash loot


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Jamshedpur, July 26: Golmuri resident Dipak Gope who had filed a report at the Musabani police station that he had been looted of Rs 65,000 cash was a concocted story as during investigation the police found that the complainant had actually been swindled of the amount. In actuality, Dipak Gope was swindled of Rs 65,000 on the bait that his money would be doubled. Musabani DSP Chandrashekhar Azad revealed the actual case on Monday, July 26. The DSP informed during a press conference that the two cheats, Dukhni Das of Baharagora and Manirul Khan of Midnapur in West Bengal had been arrested and the police had recovered Rs 45,500 and a motorcycle from their possession. The cash recovered was a part of Rs 65,000 they had cheated Dipak Gope of.

DSP Chandrashekhar Azad stated that Dipak Gope, a resident of Bajrang Nagar under Golmuri police station had fallen to the lure of getting his cash amount doubled and had given Rs 65,000 to the arrested accused on July 23. Later he felt that he had been cheated and thus made up the story in his reported filed with the Mosabani police that he had been robbed. Police were informed that he had come across an advertisement on OLX platform that a motorcycle was on sale for Rs 65,000 and a contact number was provided along with the information. Gope reported in his hoax complaint that he called up the contact number and he was asked to go to a place near the Mosabani Block Office and there he was robbed of the money. On police investigation it was found that the report of Dipak Gope being robbed was false when in fact he had been cheated by the arrested accused through the bait of doubling his money.


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