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Jamshedpur: Saryu Roy offers Rs 5 lakh for Sakchi Hanuman Mandir repair, demands neutral temple committee


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Jamshedpur, Dec 5: Calling upon the district administration to intervene by forming a neutral committee to resolve the Sakchi Hanuman Mandir dispute, Saryu Roy, the MLA of Jamshedpur (East) has offered to bear the expenditures for Sakchi Hanuman Mandir’s reconstruction.

In the neutral committee, Roy said, there should be representatives of the district administration, Tata Steel land development department and Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Limited. He added that this committee should prepare a blue print for the temple reconstruction which would also protect the sacred fig tree in the campus. He has said that if this committee is formed by the district administration then he is prepared to pay Rs 5 lakh for the project.

The MLA said that the land on which the temple is situated is on Tata lease and all civic amenities are provided by the Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Limited while maintaining law and order in the area is the responsibility of the East Singhbhum district administration. The neutral committee, said Roy, is the only way to stop the anti-social elements from collecting donations for the project illegally.

According to a statement issued by Roy the dispute between members of Hindu Utsav Samiti and Sanatan Utsav Samiti who wish to repair the temple. He says that the issue is being unnecessarily politicized by some people with criminal antecedents. Roy pointed out that the dispute over the temple has struck terror among devotees and local residents.

Roy has demanded the troublemakers be identified and a legal case be filed against them and their nefarious activities. He has also pointed out that the anti-social elements have tried to harm the sacred fig tree by covering its base with concrete. He called upon the district administration to clear the concrete to prevent any harm from coming to the tree. He said that any harm to this tree would go against the directives issued on tree conservation by the Supreme Court and the National Green Tribunal.

Roy on Saturday had said that the proposed Hanuman Mandir near Basant Central at Sakchi would soon be built while slamming several unnamed people for trying to create unnecessary controversy over the issue. Roy said, “In this city, there are certain people who claim to be Hindu leaders. These people have their own ulterior motives while claiming to work in the larger interest of Hindus. They are running a business in the name of religion.”

Roy said he had written a letter to the Dhalbhum SDO and entrusted the task of preparing a design of the temple building to a city-based architecture consultancy firm. A beautiful garden and temple would soon be constructed, he said.

Chintu Singh offers Rs 5 lakh for construction of ISKON temple

The chief of Sanatan Utsav Samiti, Chintu Singh, has offered to pay Rs 5 lakh for the construction of the ISKON temple near the Indian Cable Company. He urged the authorities to resume construction of the temple that has been awaiting completion since many years.

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