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Jamshedpur rivers cross danger mark, overflowing water enters low lying embankment areas


Jamshedpur, Sep 16: The administration has sounded alert as two important rivers continued to flow above the danger mark due to heavy rainfall due to depression. Residents of low lying areas have been asked to vacate and move to shelter homes.

River Subarnarekha (at the  Mango bridge) flowed at 121.680 metres above the danger mark of 121.50 metres, Kharkai ( at the Adityapur bridge)  was flowing at 130.680 metres above the danger mark of 129 metres.

Several houses in the area of Kharkai river have been inundated with river water owing to the incessant rains for the last 48 hours. According to the reports, slums in the Bagbera, Shastrinagar, Jugsalai, Sonari among other areas that are prone to washout during monsoon season, are confronting problems. The district administration has confirmed about a dozen-odd houses in the low lying area in Bagbera that have been largely affected with the rise in the water level in Kharkai river.

The administration has issued flash flood alerts in the district and people residing near areas of the banks  of Subarnarekha river have been alerted.

District administration sounded a flood alarm in low-lying areas of the city and its outskirts after low-pressure induced rainfall and release of water from Chandil dam led to water level in the Subarnarekha river inching closer to danger mark. The dam water was released in the morning.

Meanwhile, the district administration has begun taking preventive measures to contain any threat of flash flood in the city. The agencies concerned have been asked to be on alert. Directives for the arrangement of rescue boats, life jackets, dragon lights, tarpaulin sheets, among other safety equipment have also been issued.

Nirmal Nagar, Ramnagar, Domuhani, Shastri Nagar block no. 2,3,4, Baghbera new colony, Daiguttu, Azadnagar, Mango, Jugsalai, among other areas, have been identified for continuous vigil.

“Never before has such rainfall been recorded in Jamshedpur and in any other parts of the state in the month of September,” confirmed an official of the Patna Meteorological Centre.


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