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Jamshedpur police drive against illicit liquor, shops to be closed for 12 days 

Jamshedpur, May 9: East Singhbhum district  police is continuously campaigning against illegal country liquor in rural areas in view of the panchayat police. The police have so far demolished many mahua furnaces.

The illegal country liquor is being used to lure voters during elections in rural areas. Due to this, there is a possibility of many irregularities in the election. Therefore, the operation of the police continues continuously. So far, several thousand liters of illegal Mahua and Java have been destroyed.

Police raided two country-made Mahua liquor distilleries on the banks of Chatnipani and Jojogoda river under Dumaria police station on Monday and demolished them. Here the police destroyed about 200 kg of country liquor Mahua Jawa.

 At the same time, about 400 kg of Java Mahua has been destroyed by campaigning against illegal liquor in Kathalia under Chakulia police station.

Meanwhile liquor shops will remain closed for 12 days in panchayat areas in May

Liquor shops in rural areas will remain closed for 12 days in May due to Panchayat elections. Polling is to be held in the district in four phases on May 14, 17, 23 and 27. According to the rules, the State Election Commission has ordered the district administration to keep all the licensed liquor shops closed from 48 hours before the end of the scheduled time of polling. Due to this, in view of the first phase of voting, there will be no sale of liquor in all the liquor shops, bars, hotels, restaurants in rural areas from 3 pm on 12 May to 7 am on 15 May.

Similarly, for the second phase, 15, 16, 17, in the third phase, from 22 to 24 and in the last phase, from May 25 to 27, the prohibition will be implemented.

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