Monday, November 29, 2021

Jamshedpur police constitutes special team to nab absconding criminals

Jamshedpur, June 13: Jamshedpur police has constituted special teams for each thana as part of strict measures against criminals. 
The team would be conducting surprise raids once or twice in  a week at the suspected hideouts of the wanted criminals who are evading arrests. 
On Friday in a similar raid, 11 persons were nabbed who were found involved in selling narcotics, assault and selling liquor. 
East Singhbhum SSP M Tamilvanan said that a 67-member strong team has been constituted at thana level and they conducted raids at the hideouts and residence of Kanhayan Singh, an accomplice of jailed gangster Akhilesh Singh in Bagbera. Kanhaiyan Singh along with others were involved in a shootout with rival gang at Bhuiyandih last year. 
Jamshedpur city SP Subhash Chandra Jatt carried out similar raids at Mango and Azadnagar area while ASP Kumar Gaurav carried raid in Govindpur and Golmuri area..
Those who were nabbed include, Kajunath Murmu an accused in assault case of Jadugora who was absconding, Gunadhar Ghosh, Soman Senapati and Madan Senapati from Barsole with 128 bottles of illicit liquor, Sheikh Mukhtar from Mosaboni who was absconding, Ganga Ravidas from Sitaramdera and Naresh Bhuiyan with brown sugar. 

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