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Jamshedpur picnic spots bustle with Christmas revellers


Jamshedpur: Picnic spots in and around the  steel city today bustled with Christmas revellers and others as the day being the last Sunday of the year, but under the radar of police and plain cloth cops.

Like previous years the local administration had deployed adequate police personnel, including lady cops, but what it has done this year is deputation of magistrates at the places which remain a matter of attraction for the picnickers.

The public places where the police personnel have been deployed with magistrates include Jubilee Park, Dimna Lake, Hudco Dam in Govindpur and Narwa dam near Jadugora.

Revealing about the magistrates’ deputation, an official said that the places like parks and dam sites in and around get crowded with picnickers around this period of the year.

“At times youngsters, especially having a criminal bent of mind tend to create trouble in the public places. Such elements often do not retreat and resort to violence.  The police present at the spot sometimes get perplexed when a situation arises.  But when a magistrate is posted around, the policemen will not find it difficult to handle the situation as they will take necessary instruction from the magistrate,” explained the official about the relevance of deputing the magistrates at the picnic spots.

He said the duty of the magistrates had been assigned from Saturday itself and they will have to be present at the picnic spots as mentioned above on December 31 and New Year also.

The picnic spots, including Jubilee Park were crowded with visitors not only for Christmas, but due to the weekend.  As per a rough estimate 3,000 visitors, mostly women and children, had been to Jubilee Park today.  Similarly, at Dimna Lake about 1,500 visitors, mostly picnickers, had come from Jamshedpur and also from the adjoining places.  A large number of picnickers had also been to the Hudco dam and also Narwa dam during the day.

A police official said that they have made adequate police arrangements to ensure a safe picnic celebration at Jubilee Park.

“The police constables, including lady cops as well as plain-cloth policemen have been deployed in the Jubilee Park and also in the adjoining Tata Steel Zoological Garden where maximum number people used to come. The cops kept on moving around in their respective areas to ensure the crime like molestation and chain-snatching is not taking place,” he said.  


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