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Jamshedpur: Oppn members demand election of ISWP Union


Jamshedpur., Nov 1: There is demand for conducting Union election in IS&WP (popularly known as Tarcompany). The opposition camp has become very aggressive and adamant on the demand of holding union elections in time. A meeting was held in the Tarcompany Colony under the chairmanship of Sardar Amarjeet Singh, leader of the group’s recognized Wire Product Workers Union and former general secretary Ashish Adhikari.
 In the meeting, various topics were discussed in view of the upcoming union elections and described the present union as the caretaker. It has been said in the issued statement that in the union elections of 2018 to get power, the workers were tempted but they could not fulfill any of them.

There were talks of removing the anomalies of E grade immediately, getting sick leave encashment of E grade immediately, without grade revision installment in 2021, immediate cancellation of five year promotion policy, effecting new incentive policy, double annual uniform to workers immediately. Promises like getting them, extending the time limit for the workers to stay in the company quarters after retirement, suppressing the payment of outstanding salaries have proved to be empty.

In the release issued by the opposition, it has also been said that it seems from the election manifesto of the 2018  ‘caretaker’ Union that all demands would be fulfilled immediately but nothing happened from it. The workers have now understood and have now made up their mind to show the way out of this false immediate care taker union.


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