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Jamshedpur MLA Saryu Roy raises issues of Moharda, ownership rights of bastis in Jharkhand Assembly


Jamshedpur, December 20: Jamshedpur East MLA Saryu Rai raised the issue of Moharda drinking water supply, ownership and municipality of Jamshedpur in the Legislative Assembly today. In his speech on the supplementary budget, Rai said that the government has made the highest provision of Rs 588 crore on energy in the budget, while the capital Ranchi is also facing power cut for 6 hours a day. After this, a provision of  Rs 518 crores has been made on health, out of which Rs 444 crore is centrally contributed, while the condition of government hospitals is very bad. But only Rs 19 crore rupees have been given in urban development whereas Moharda drinking water supply in Jamshedpur city and also for drinking water supply in the surrounding areas requires a lot of money.

Shri Rai further said that in 2005, 1700 acres of land with 86 habitations was torn apart.

Saryu Rai also he told the benefit of giving ownership rights  to the 86 bastis and said that the government should give the holding number of the houses here as soon as possible.

The MLA stressed on the need to end the dispute of Municipal Corporation and Industrial township in Jamshedpur at the earliest and said that Jamshedpur is the only city in the country where unconstitutional JNAC is running in the name of Municipality. 


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