Sunday, March 26, 2023

Jamshedpur Management Association organises session on Stress Management


’30 mins of meditation exercises can make you happier and healthier’

Jamshedpur, Dec 23: Jamshedpur Management Association organised session on “Art of Stress Management and Emotional Well Being” with Prajapita Brahma Kumaris under JMA Enriching Life talk Series on Thursday, December 22.

BK Piyush, motivational public speaker, spiritual guide and mentor was the expert speaker for this session. Addressing the gathering, BK Piyush stated the facts related to stress and anxiety and how in today’s date it is contributing to fatal diseases. He stressed on the point that the solution lies inside. Simple exercise of meditating for 30 mins at any time of the day would make you happier and healthier.

He said meditation was important for stability and purity of thoughts. The speaker disclosed many secrets to lead a stress free life and exercises to practice emotional well-being. The session was attended by more than 80 participants of Jamshedpur and was very well received by everyone. The programme was conducted by Asmita Salunkhe Centre Head, Jamshedpur Management Association at the Centre for Excellence.

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