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Jamshedpur: Exemplary grit and bravery of firefighters tested under inconvenient situations  

National Fire Service Week concludes

Jamshedpur, April 22: As Tata Steel observed National Fire Service Week (April 14 to 22) across all its locations to pay homage and gratitude to the brave fire-fighters who do supreme sacrifice while saving lives and assets, exemplary efforts of Fire Fighters in successfully dosing off a big fire in densely located Jugsalai area of Jamshedpur qualifies for a special mention.

On November 21, 2021 at around 9 PM, a major fire broke out in top floor of Brinja Complex a five storied building situated at Mahto Para Road, Jugsalai. As soon as Tata Steel Fire Control room received call from Police Control Room, West Plant Fire Brigade responded to the site and found that fire has started engulfing top floor. The place was stocked with polyester material such as woolen blanket, handloom products etc. To control the situation, five fire-tenders responded/rushed to the site and after approximately eight hours of continuous fire-fighting, fire was dosed off at around 5:25 AM on November 22, 2021. Total 85000-liters of water was used in the operation.

The team did exemplary job against the odd situation. Buildings in the area are constructed in very close vicinity which increased the probability of collateral damage. No handrails were provided in staircase as it was very narrow thus making it difficult to take the resources up to the top floor of the building. Besides, there was no emergency lighting.

Moreover, adding to the woes, wet riser was not available in the building which is one of the requirement of National Building Code. Fixed hose reel system was also not available. There was no water source or Fire Brigade inlet provided in the entire building.  Secondary Exit or Emergency Exit was also not available.

The team also faced immense difficulty as the approach road was narrow and considering the intensity of Fire, it was very difficult to place required number of Fire Vehicle. New construction was going on 6th floor of the complex, which created hazard when fire was in fully developed condition, leading to loss of material integrity. Due to this, fire team had to look for secondary approach to douse the fire. As no water reservoir tank was available in building, fire tenders were send to Tata Steel Premises for refilling.

Notably, April 14 is observed as National Fire Service Day in India. On this day, in the year 1944, the Fire Personnel displayed exemplary courage and devotion to their duty as they fought the huge fire that had erupted following an explosion on a Ship, S.S. Fort Stikine at the dock of Mumbai Port. Many firefighters lost their lives in this incident. Even after this incident, while fighting fire, so many fire fighters have been losing their lives. On the 14th April of every year homage is paid to those brave fire fighters who laid their lives on the call of the duty.

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