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Jamshedpur DC directs EE to start road repair process


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Jamshedpur, Nov 5: BJP leader Ankit Anand had recently raised the demand for repair and relaying of the 1.5 kilometer stretch of Plaza Morh to Ghorabandha School road and the road connecting Govindpur Chowk to NH 33 before the Dipawali and Chhat festivals failing which he had threatened to organize a massive stir or Road Satyagrah until the demand was met by the administration. He had stated that the condition of the two roads were at the end state of dilapidation and posed threats to life and limbs of commuters including local residents who did not have any alternate road communication links. Ankit had submitted a memorandum to the effect and urged Deputy Commissioner Suraj Kumar and Jamshedpur MP Bidyut Baran Mahto through tweet to get the roads in shape to make commuting safe. Ankit Anand had stated that if the process of re-tendering for road construction was not completed before Dipawali and Chhath, a movement would be launched under Road Satyagraha.

MP representative Sanjeev Kumar had met the Executive Engineer of the Road Construction Department and the official had assured that the department had taken cognizance of the matter on priority and that the process of re-tendering for the repair and construction of the Ghorabandha Main Road would be completed prior to Chhath festival.

However, Ankit Anand contended that in view of the forthcoming three-tier panchayat elections, many political individuals had woken up from their slumber and in the fashion of opportunists, were trying to grab credit for the road conditions that had been a long standing bane of citizens. He, on behalf of the people of Ghorabandha and Govindpur, expressed gratitude to DC Suraj Kumar, MP Bidyut Baran Mahato and former MLA Kunal Sarangi for taking the initiative in this direction. Ankit Anand, reiterated his stance when he said, “People want solutions, not speeches and assurances. Once the roads are safe for Chhath devotees and other commuters, a major commuting problem that has lingered over the years will be solved.”


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