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Jamshedpur: CII Jharkhand hands over medical equipment to district administration


Jamshedpur, Sep 7: The second wave of Coronavirus had tremendous strain on healthcare infrastructure as the number of patients rose rapidly. Hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, ventilators and other necessary medical equipment and facilities were in short supply and people were often travelling great distances in the hope of getting medical support. While the Government was taking several steps to increase and strengthen existing healthcare infrastructure, CII, CII Foundation, and affiliates stepped in to augment existing COVID-care facilities. CII has been proactively engaging to catalyze the private sector and industry initiative to complement and supplement the Government of India in combating the second wave of COVID-19. Working closely with the State Governments and District Administrations to assess the needs, CII mobilised contributions and assistance and is undertaking extensive healthcare infrastructure support by distributing Oxygen Cylinder, Concentrator, Pulse Oximeter, Flowmeters.

CII has also been supporting and assisting industry members to address issues arising out of various measures at the state and district level that impact their operations.

A number of initiatives are being undertaken by CII, CII Foundation, and Young Indians (Yi) to provide relief to those impacted by the second wave of COVID-19. These are focused around:

•  Procurement and deployment of medical equipment such as oxygen cylinders, O2 concentrators, ventilators, etc. in      hospitals across the country.

•  Healthcare infrastructure support by setting up additional COVID-care Centres, expanding COVID-ICUs, setting up          Tele-ICUs, operationalizing Vaccination Centres and installing oxygen pipelines.

•  Distribution of Relief Material such as food and ration kits, hygiene kits such as masks etc.

we need to be very cautious and follow COVID appropriate behaviour strictly as well as get vaccinated to carry on with our livelihoods and put growth back on track. Also there is an urgent need to augment the healthcare infrastructure in the state and this was the best time for CII members to step in and help.

Against this backdrop, CII handed over 20 Oxygen Concentrators of 10 litres each, 5 Oxygen Concentrators of 5 litres each, Oxygen Cylinders (D) Type with Flowmeters and Oxygen Masks – 15 pcs and Oxygen Cylinders (B) Type with Flowmeters and Oxygen Masks – 15 pcs to the local district administration of East Singhbhum today.

Tapas Sahu, Vice Chairman, CII Jharkhand State Council & MD & CEO, Highco Engineers Pvt Ltd and Vijay Bhuller, State Head, CII Jharkhand handed over medical equipments to Suraj Kumar, DC, East Singhbhum.


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