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Jamshedpur: Chamber opposes acquisition of Bazar Samiti shops for municipal polls

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Jamshedpur, Nov 23: Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) vice president (PR&W) Mukesh Mittal has sent a letter to East Singhbhum Deputy Commissioner cum District Returning Officer with a suggestion to not use the Bazar Samiti premises at Parsudih for conducting municipal elections.

Mittal has further suggested that instead of asking the traders to vacate their godowns at the Parsudih Bazar Samiti premises, the district administration could shift its gaze on other buildings such as one behind Sadar Hospital, Khasmahal, and the premises of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee College at Parsudih.

“It is practically not possible to vacate the shops and godowns situated at the Bazar Samiti for the purpose of upcoming municipal elections. The shops and godowns are fully occupied and filled with goods and the shop owners do not have the infrastrudture and other alternative places to move their stock. Also, the shopowners’ staff and their families are dependent on their business. If the businesses are affected, these people will suffer a great deal,” said Mittal.

Mittal said the district administration had acquired the shops and godowns of Parsudih Bazar Samiti during the Panchayat elections held six months ago. “The district officials had then assured that the shops and godowns would not be acquired for elections in future. It was also said that the transport expenses in shifting the goods kept in the shops and godowns would be reimbursed by the district administration. But no such payment was ever made,” said Mittal.

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