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Jamshedpur: Chakulia labourers injured in Odisha train mishap brought home for treatment 

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Jamshedpur / Chakulia: Five laborers of the Muslim colony of Chakulia aboard the Coromandel Express were partially injured in a train accident near Balasore in Odisha last evening. All the laborers were going to Chennai by Coromandel Express train to work. Relatives have brought everyone home.

According to the information received, all the laborers had come to their homes on the occasion of Eid. After celebrating the festival, everyone was going back to work in Chennai. Basti residents Mohammad Shahrukh 25, Sheikh Shaheed 23, Moharram Ali 19, Meraj Ansari 26 and Arbaz Ansari 26 were partially injured.

The five injured youths told that all of them had boarded the said train from Kharagpur.

 As soon as the train reached near Balasore, there was a jolt. The bogie of the train was badly damaged, they all came out somehow and sat on top of the box of the goods train with which the train collided. After a long time, he was brought to the hospital from there. After getting the information, the relatives of the laborers reached there and on Saturday morning everyone was brought home in Chakulia.

 Mohammad Shahrukh’s right leg has been broken, while other youths have also suffered partial injuries.

The treatment of the injured is going on in Baharagoda hospital. Four laborers of Baharagoda have also been injured. The said laborers were going to work in a paper mill in Chennai. Two laborers are being treated in Balasore, while two laborers have been admitted to the community health center in Baharagora by their relatives for treatment.

Sonu Polai 20, Ravi Dehuri 21 of Uinala are admitted for treatment in the health center. Both told that they had boarded the said train from Balasore,  as soon as the train reached left Balasore, there was a jolt and both of them fell into a pit outside the train.

After a long time they was brought to the hospital while  Polai of Uinala and a laborer named Budha of Mohanpur are being treated in the hospital in Balasore.

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