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Jamshedpur: BJP delegation meets SSP, expresses concern on rising crime graph


City’s law and order has collapsed, criminals are upbeat: Gunjan Yadav

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Jamshedpur, August 14: The BJP has opened a front against the administration in view of the city’s deteriorating law and order situation, rising criminal incidents and drug trade. The BJP is drawing the attention towards this point of concern starting from the police station level to the SSP.

On Saturday, the party delegation led by BJP Mahanagar President Gunjan Yadav met SSP Dr M Tamil Vanan and submitted a memorandum demanding action against offenders who were responsible for the rise in crimes and criminals in the city and the district. The BJP delegation mentioned that since the past several months, criminals including drug peddlers and addicts were growing in numbers and that required immediate harnessing. The delegation members urged the SSP that youth were going astray due to drug addiction and thus drug trade needed to be cut off.
“The image of this peace-loving city is getting tarnished due to increase in crimes including thefts, cases of snatching, easy availability of brown sugar and rising drug trade in the city. It is unfortunate that Jamshedpur, known as the Steel City is fast being degraded to crime city. The youth segment is falling prey to drugs,” stated Gunjan Yadav.
District President Gunjan Yadav said that there was an atmosphere of anger and fear among the citizens in view of the deteriorating law and order situation in the city. The BJP Jamshedpur Mahanagar delegation reiterated the concern of the people over the rise in the crime graph. “The nexus of criminals and drug dealers is writing a new chapter on crime. Due to all these reasons the future of youth is getting bleak. Incidents of theft and snatching are happening continuously in broad daylight in the city. Crime and activities of anti-social elements are increasing continuously especially in urban areas,” Gunjan said. 
Going by events in recent times, the daring tendencies of criminals had reached a peak with robberies being committed at temples. Gunjan Yadav said that in the city, a demand had been made by BJP for immediate check to incidences of snatching, burglary and drug distribution chains by fixing accountability of the police stations under whose jurisdictions such crimes were being committed. The BJP delegation warned that if necessary initiatives were not taken to improve law and order situation at the earliest, the party workers would be forced to take to the streets and launch violent agitations while maintaining COVID protocols.


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