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Jamshedpur: Bike lifters on prowl, 60 vehicles stolen in 3 months


Jamshedpur, July 27: Despite claims from police, the staggering rise in the number of vehicles stolen in the past few months, have shocked the city. In the last three months alone about 60 vehicles have been stolen from different parts of the city.

A sudden spurt in cases of vehicle theft coupled with an terribly low workout rate reflects poorly on the ability of the police to crack down on such gangs.

According to reports, of all the vehicles lifted bikes have been the target of criminals. Cases of thefts have been reported mostly from police station areas of Bistupur, Sakchi, Jugsalai, Golmuri and Telco.

“Over the last couple of months we have had numerous people buying new bikes because theirs has been stolen.  Many of these thefts have occurred in public places, some from people’s homes,” said a police official.

The citizens blame weak anti-theft measures and police patrolling for the sharp increase in the incidents of the crime. They say only the common man is the ultimate victim, in case of loss of life or property. The increase in the crime is alarming, keeping in view the temporary solutions the district police find to the problem. It is very rare that the owner of a car or bike gets traced.

Though the police claim to have pulled their socks up and increased their beat patrolling, the citizens are not ready to accept the claims.

Many people are of the view that beat patrolling is intensified only when people complain to the officers. The constables are seen on the road for just two days. On the third day, they are back to their usual business.

A police official said that they have taken measures like night patrolling and installation of barricades where police officials keep strict vigilance.

“Motor vehicles get stolen for a host of reasons. In several cases the stolen vehicles are dismantled and their parts are sold off as spare parts or built into new vehicles. But mostly the vehicles are stolen and resold to unsuspecting customers in West Bengal and Bihar,” said a senior police officer.

On motorcycles being targeted the most, the officer said lack of effective security system makes them an easy target. “A two-wheeler can be stolen just by unlocking it with a duplicate key. Moreover, selling a stolen motorcycle in the scrap market is easier compared with selling a stolen car or a heavy vehicle. Also, hiding a two-wheeler is easier,” the officer said.

“Motorcycles have always caught the fancy of those who step into the
world of crime at a young age. The underprivileged steal them because of need of money or to show off among their friends,” the officer added.

 Using various methods and targeting expensive types of sports motorcycle, motorcycle thieves have been highly active in the city. Motor vehicle thefts in the city also have been attributed mostly to the increase in the number of motor vehicles, inadequate parking space and reluctance of vehicle owners to install safety devices besides a host of other factors.

“ It is true that a policeman cannot be deployed at every nook and corner. People need to spend some money on putting proper security locks in their vehicles. When people can spend lakhs on vehicles, they can also afford to spend a few thousands on the security apparatus,” said Rajesh Singh, a city-based trader.


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