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Jal Satyagraha of Jamshedpur MLA Saryu postponed after Tata Steel UISL assurance


Solution of Jamshedpur East problems top priority: Saryu Rai

Jamshedpur, Jan 16: Jamshedpur East MLA Saryu Rai has started Jal Satyagraha on Sunday. He has accused Tata Steel Utilities Infrastructure and Services Limited (TSUIS- formerly JUSCO) of breach of promise.

The MLA said that a joint protest is being taken against the non-compliance in the matter of providing drinking water connection in all other settlements including New DS flat in Cable Basti under Golmuri area of Jamshedpur East Assembly constituency.

MLA Saryu Rai said that Tata Steel UISL will reconsider the decision of not providing separate drinking water connections to all households in the areas of Cable Town DS Flat and hoped that a decision in this regard will be taken within 15 days so that all to get separate water connections in the houses.

Jamshedpur East MLA Saryu Rai said this while talking about taking forward Jal Satyagraha in DS Flat ground. The residents expressed satisfaction over the assurance given by Tata Steel UISL.

Rai told the people present at the Jal Satyagraha site that senior officials of Tata Steel UISL and Tata Steel had met him and requested him to give maximum time of 15 days in this regard and that he has accepted the request and told the residents that in 15 days the way would be cleared for getting separate water connection in their homes. After this the Jal Satyagraha organized at DS Flat ground was immediately postponed.

The officials of Tata Steel UISL will inform them on Monday about the progress made in providing drinking water connections in other habitations of Jamshedpur East assembly area like Babudih, Kalyannagar, Lalbhatta, Kishorinagar, Cable Harijan Basti and Burmamines and Jemco.

It is expected that drinking water will be available this year in all the abandoned settlements of Jamshedpur East.

Saryu Rai told the people that he has inherited many problems in Jamshedpur East, which he is trying to solve with public cooperation. JUSCO has tied up with the Jharkhand government to provide drinking water and civic amenities to the residents of Jamshedpur. Tata Steel UISL should follow the above agreement in letter and spirit.

This agreement has been done by Tata Steel and if there is any deficiency in this agreement or it will not be fulfilled anywhere, then they will raise their voice and solve it on the basis of their program of contact, problem and solution for one year. For this they will also pressurize the state government in a peaceful manner. Their first priority is to remove the pile of problems of Jamshedpur East and for this they will go to any extent and pressurize that JUSCO should provide drinking water and other civic facilities to the residents of Jamshedpur within the time limit.

Strictly following the rules of Covid, a limited number of satyagrahis of 100 sat and all used masks in the Jal Satyagraha organized at DS Flat.


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