IWC Zest organises Magic and Puppet Show


    Jamshedpur, Nov. 19: Inner Wheel Club (IWC) of Jamshedpur Zest organised a ‘Magic and Puppet Show’ for the students of Middle School, Pardih on the occasion of Children’s Day on Saturday, November 19.

    Karmkar showed the Puppet and magic Show to the kids and entertained them and made them laugh.

    The students enjoyed the show a lot and it was the first time they experienced such a show. Kids were glad to have such an event in their school premises.

    Food packets, chocolates and balloons were distributed among 250 children.

    Club members who attended the event were President Neeta Agarwal, Amrita Vakharia, Navita Sablok, Swati Chakraborty and Nidhi Adesara.


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